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Post  [PYRO] clastic on Sat Oct 30, 2010 4:49 pm

Summary: with Halloween coming up, I decided to review this festive app. What it really is is a scare app, though when you start it up it claims to be "cute kitty" app. It tells you to stroke the kittens to hear them purr ( they do for a little bit ) the screen also recommends using earphones at full volume. Though any veteran of videos or other apps like these would immeadetly recognize this as a scare app by using the full volume and the overall oddness of the name of the app, most people fall for it. So, you stroke the kittens for about 15 seconds to get lulled into a false sense of security, then ZOMG! a screamer pops up! After that, there is a short greeting whisking you happy Halloween. Though it gets boring after a while, hey, it's free! I'm not complaining!

Rating: 7/10

Price: Free

Liked: a nicely done scare app overall

Disliked: the title of it kinda gives it away for some people

Videos: None, just download it and test it out!

Thank you for reading!, be sure to answer the poll and Rate please!

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