My Top Tens:Best Weapons Ever

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My Top Tens:Best Weapons Ever

Post  Doom on Mon Oct 25, 2010 12:28 pm

Best Weapons Ever Hey? Here's My List
10:The Ak47 In Realy Every Good Shooter Great Gun
9:The Shotgun Fun To Use Great Gun
8:The Desert Eagle Great Overall Pistol
7:The Sniper Everyones Fave For Annoying People Smile
6:The Minigun Lol This Gun Just Rocks!
5:The Halo 3 Grav Hammer So Fun Smack Anyone Anywhere
4:The RPG 7 Boom!!! Funny As
3:The Chainsaw Raaaa Dieee Choping Up People Or Zombies Just Yea!
2:The Mp5 Over All Good Weapon Great Range Power
1:The Halo 3 Battle Rifle My Fave gun Of All Time Good Range Power Accurete Just Good

Many Thanks Doom

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