Killzone 3 Reveiw And Quantum Theory Review

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Killzone 3 Reveiw And Quantum Theory Review

Post  Doom on Sun Oct 24, 2010 7:45 am

Not Much About This Game Has Been Said So Far But ATM it Looks Great Theres More Levels Amasing Vehicles And Most Of All Great Graphics! I can't Realy Say My Percanage But This Game Looks Great! Go Killzone!

Ha So Then To Quantum Theory Oh Jeez Some Poeple Have Said Its Like Gears Of War For Ps3 But Now I Can Say ITS NOT Playing This Game IsAn Insult To Wasting Time Its So Bad All The Levels Are Dull Blank The Covers Suppost To Move Around Its Dosent Man Just Dont by This Game My Rating 31% From Doom

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